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Smart community

5 tips to turn your community of members into a “smart community”?

A fundamental observation is that humans live together on earth to explore, learn, contribute and enjoy life… in short, to live in community! We are all part of communities, whether it is around common habits, passions, missions or professions. NPOs are fine examples of communities in which stakeholders share a strong sense of belonging, revolving around common missions and goals. Having established this, how can a community become smarter?


But what exactly is an intelligent community?

An intelligent community is a community that adopts advanced information and communication technologies at the very base of its infrastructures in order to increase its connection and knowledge emulation capacities, in addition to amplifying the value of its services offered to its entire network. In the case of NPOs in particular, networks are often complex, bringing together the organization, its employees, board of directors, members, volunteers, partners, and other players in their sectors.

By implementing information and social collaboration technologies at the very foundation of the networked organization model, it is possible to create more efficient processes, solve difficult management challenges, and co-create new opportunities for members. In the long run, the organization is guaranteed to save time… and money, while creating tangible and sustainable value!


5 Steps to transform your community of members into a smart community
1. Increase the level of digital skills in the organization

Change can sometimes seem intimidating. The level of comfort with digital technologies varies greatly within organizations; some are very comfortable and embrace change positively, while others may perceive it as an added challenge to their workload. It is therefore important to support managers of networked organizations at all stages in order to make the digital shift pleasant and limit resistance to change.

In order to facilitate the transition, explanatory workshops can be set up to open a discussion on the objectives and potential of the change, as well as to explore the new platforms and properly equip the managers who will use them. By allowing everyone to adopt the change at their own pace, it is much easier to stimulate the learning process and keep employees motivated.


2. Promote member involvement

At the very basis of the intelligent community concept is the idea that all stakeholders must be involved actors contributing to the creation of value within the group. It is therefore important to create a space in which members can meet and collaborate, virtually, or in real life!

Whether creating a space for sustainable encounters between members, or stimulating collaboration to develop formal and informal knowledge archives, the engagement strategy must ensure that members are central to the creation of content and value. One trick is to identify super members, who are more involved in the community, and use them as influencers to stimulate more passive members.

Think about extending your engagement strategy that puts members at the heart of contributions to your events! Encourage sustainable meetings between participants who share common interests or specializations, as well as the creation of collaborative workshops around themes that directly impact the community.

In fact, a well-conducted process will have the benefit of promoting the autonomy of the community, which will considerably reduce the organization’s efforts, while reanimating the network effect in a sustainable and exponential way!


3. Leveraging a single platform

Move away from traditional social platforms that limit your managerial power and offer ego-centered rather than community-centered member experiences, and instead adopt a social experience platform that stimulates learning and collaboration, while facilitating organization and communication. Bring your members together in a unique universe of their own where they can meet and share.

By centralizing communications, event organization, data collection, content sharing and educational materials on a single platform, it becomes much easier for community managers to perform their daily tasks. Ask yourself how many tools you are currently using to communicate with your members, accomplish your management tasks and engage your community, and what is their real scope.


4. Re-create engagement through living content

Develop new strategies and skills to create lively content that stimulates member engagement. Whether it’s through mastering storytelling, creating written, video or audio content, or creating more connected and interactive events, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination to stimulate your members.

Empower your managers with training, such as the Fanslab Campus, to discover the multiple possibilities and best practices for creating educational and engaging content that makes a real impact.


5. Regenerate the value of lasting relationships

Aim to remove the full value of member-partner, organization-member, and member-member relationships. By stimulating exchanges between network actors through an intelligent platform, it becomes possible for the organization to quantify the value created and monetize it. For example, by offering your partners a new virtual outreach space, they will be able to interact directly with community members through exclusive content directed at them. Your managers will be able to evaluate the impact of such interactions in order to establish the real value created, and monetize it accordingly.

By creating sustainable links between the organization, members and partners, supported by a single platform, managers will be better able to assess the reach of their messages, the commitment of their members and their organizational capacity, and thus ask themselves the right questions in order to develop coherent strategies to create maximum value, both monetary and human, for all stakeholders in their ecosystems.


Community managers are moving more and more towards solutions that allow them to bring their members together on unique platforms, empowering the community and developing and archiving their collective intelligence. In NPOs more specifically, managers gain from adopting platforms that promote sharing and collaboration, in a decentralized universe where members are at the heart of interactions and human value creation.


Are you ready to take the plunge? Contact us to discover our solutions and training program related to engagement, created here for local organizations! 

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