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Fanslab universe

All over the world we can find people full of various knowledge and abilities; everyone has a role to play.

At Fanslab we want to raise the voice of  this myriad of people often shining but sometimes inconspicuous, by breaking barriers and creating spaces for sharing.

Our motivation ? Helping you create long-term connections!


The idea of Fanslab came from the desire to enable people sharing common interests and values to meet and help each other, even remotely!<br /> We love all the positive things generated by human relationships and we are deeply convinced that the key to creating a better world is to share our thoughts, ideas and knowledge.


In order to ease and promote the exchanges among your community, we are developing virtual social platforms with functions suitable for your needs. Thanks to the various interactions and sharing functions, you will be able to create true virtual and hybrid experiences: training, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, smart networking, gala; everything is possible with our customized platforms!

For who?

Our offer suits every type of organization and event based on dynamic human interactions. Regardless of your sector or budget, we adapt to you and your needs!

Our responsible commitment

As we are eager to make a positive impact in our community and the ones of our clients, we are making involved decisions. For instance we select as many local partners as possible and we are prioritizing organizations sharing our values and our wishes to offer a quality experience. Even if such partners may be more expensive, it’s our way to encourage the businesses of our community (and we make sure we remain competitive!)

We are also trying to have a positive recruitment. The human dimension is the core of our identity and we value motivation and people more than a typical career. This opens the door to talented candidates who could be more junior or in retraining. And for now we have to say that this worked pretty well for our amazing team!

In 2021 we want to amplify this positive impact. Several exciting projects are ongoing: stay tuned!

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