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Free promotion thanks to your committed members

Your most committed members are the best ambassadors for your brand.

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Did you know that customer acquisition costs much more than customer retention? In fact, the probability of selling a product is between 60 and 70% for an existing customer, while it is only 5 to 20% for a prospect. So, why invest so much energy and resources to reach new buyers when it is much more profitable to focus on the most committed members of your organization?


In fact, super members are your most valuable marketing tool. Your super-members are loyal and enthusiastic! They follow you on social networks, adopt your products, share your content and want to engage with your brand. Through word-of-mouth and social networks, they will not hesitate to relay your values and your message. They are then the best ambassadors for your brand!


According to a study conducted by Cefrio, 40.4% of adults pay attention to recommendations made on social networks by their friends and contacts when shopping (2015).


So what do you think of this sustainable value creation from its most valuable assets?


It’s all about focusing on your super-members so you can identify them, captivate them and reward their interactions. This will create lasting relationships with your best influencers.


Step 1: Identify your super-members

Using data analysis technology tools, determine who your super members are. Analyze key trends, their practices and engagement through social media.


Step 2: Reward your super-members for their positive engagement

Reward the interactions of your most active members to promote key behaviors. Think about offering them loyalty points if you have a loyalty program for example.


Step 3: Encourage your super-members through Social Media

Think about offering free products to your super-members who will share their positive experience on their social networks. You can also offer them an exclusive experience by giving them a product first.


Step 4: Make sure your efforts are part of a multi-channel strategy

Develop an understanding of all your members’ activities across all the channels they use (social networks, live events, mobile marketing).


Untapped potential lies in your community! It’s simply a matter of recognizing your super-members, establishing a dialogue with them and rewarding them for active participation. You’ll then be blessed with an impressive number of ambassadors who will share your ideas, products and image!


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