A social platform to gather and monetize your community.

Intelligent Interactions
Exclusive contents
Personalized discoveries

Features to discover, network and learn on a single platform.

Enrich the experience of your events.

Amplify the social experience of your event in real time with a simple, interactive and powerful mobile application that stimulates maximum engagement among your participants. This tool, now indispensable in events, will allow you to have all the information you need throughout the day. It will also have an action before, during and after the event. It will arouse the interest of your participants before the day, during it will help to make the moment unique, and after it will host your memories. Its main features :

Programming and scheduling

Calendar of events

Folder with profiles

Live Quiz

Stimulate collaborative learning.

According to Maslow, Man likes to learn every day, he is a sociable living being who needs to make his brains work. Since childhood, he has been learning in groups in order to acquire an open mind and to confront the opinions of others. When he becomes an adult, he continues his quest for knowledge because learning is part of his ultimate need, the need to fulfill himself. A goal that is never completely achieved. Imagine a mobile platform where all your members interact and learn together.

Smart Forum

Online micro-training

Document Sharing

Enhance the network effect.

In this era where new technology is decried for locking people in their solitude - or breaking social bonds - we believe that, on the contrary, it can become a powerful ally in strengthening human relationships. Thanks to digital technology, it is now possible to know everyone's expectations and tastes. Let us help you develop your network according to what you want. Discover relevant individuals through our automated matching system.

Networking Profile

Private and group messaging

Appointment scheduling system

Système de jumelage intelligent

Instant reaction threads

Event Application

To create an unforgettable event experience.

Discover Fanslab event applications, our first ever event engagement products. A sure value for your next congress, which will conquer your participants and organizers.

Communautés intelligentes Fanslab

Community Application

To create your smart community.

Stimulate human potential by promoting networking and learning among your members. Offer intelligent, exclusive and sustainable experiences. Allow your community to grow and become better. Engaged members are the result of a community that works.

“Intelligent communities must be built to sustain the enthusiasm of its members through a digital and sustainable ecosystem”.



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