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Discover our digital platforms to host virtual events and manage smart communities!

Through various delivery and networking features, you will have the opportunity to create virtual and hybrid experiences!

One-time event

Schedule of content delivery, interactive booths, etc.

Opportunity for the attendees to connect over the program (smart networking, reaction feeds, etc.)

Base price in accordance to the duration and number of attendees, as well as optional features’ prices (if relevant)

Creation of a long-term community

Interaction tools to help enable discussions within the community (smart networking, collaborative learning, interaction tools, etc.)

Opportunity to create one-time events within the community

Base price according to the number of monthly members

Annual agreement license

Features of both platforms are complementary and can be combined in the same project.
Interested to learn more about our virtual event platform or our smart community platform?

Evolutive platforms.
Developed for local organizations. 

Our flexible platforms are developed to fit YOUR needs.

Here are some examples of features depending on the major objectives by sector (with everything remaining customizable according to your project!)

Institutional network

Conferences with a directory of speakers

Monetization through sponsors’ visibility

Networking features

Business network

Smart networking

Booths and virtual meetings with sales representatives

Roundtables and 1-on-1 video meetings

Academic network

Shared training and webinars

Live or recorded content

Online resources directory

Cultural network

Interactive stages and meetings with the artists

Multiple webcast tools for shows

Feedback feed

Passion network

Meeting and discussion areas between members

Interactive forum

Discovery of all types of content

Fanslab benefits


The Fanslab team is composed of experts who will help you create unique experiences for your users.

Humane, rigorous and proactive approach

The Fanslab team works alongside you, and will always be attuned to your needs.


Fanslab offers you the opportunity to customize your platform according to the colours of your organization.

Peace of mind

Fanslab offers you unparalleled personalized support with one of our customer success experts.


Fanslab complies with the most stringent security standards of the industry, and offers you secure access to the platform.


Thanks to your admin dashboard, you can be 100% independent whilst still receiving enhanced support counselling.

Fanslab Galaxy Club

The Fanslab Galaxy Club was created in order to facilitate the introduction of our platforms to the services offered by event, audiovisual and production agencies, as well as different performance halls and other event actors.

Curious to find out more?

To learn more about our virtual event platform or our smart community platform, make sure to fill out the form. Afterwards, you’ll be able to sign up for a demo or book an appointment with one of our advisers to get personalized recommendations.

They trust us

They support us

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