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The Fanslab Smart Community Platform

Plateforme Communauté intelligente - Fanslab

Rally and involve your community

The Fanslab Smart Community Platform was developed as a result of our faith in the power of collective intelligence and human connections. This community platform enables the gathering of individuals who share values, interests, and a common passion, in order for them to interact and grow together.

Due to the central place that networking and learning occupy within its features, our private and secure community platform is a space made for discussing, interacting, and sharing. Therefore, your members will not only be able to make a full contribution to the community, but also to benefit from it!

For whom?

We can customize our Smart Community Platform according to your needs and reality. We offer a solution that is not only complete, but also adapted to every network listed below.

Institutional network
Business network
Academic network
Cultural network
Passion network

Members’ perks

Easy and secure access to the community’s benefits (knowledge sharing, mutual help, etc.)

Various spaces dedicated to collaborative learning

Relevant and significant meetings made via intelligent pairings

Personalized content to be discovered according to one’s interests, goals and skills (artificial intelligence)

Administrator’s perks

Easy way to get in touch with your members within a single platform, and with no limits to the scope

Simplified planning for your events, activities and programs (training cohort, co-development, coaching)

Long-term relationship with the members that can be built through the development of trust, involvement, and loyalty

Inspiration from your community (ideas for topics, improvements, development, etc.)

Numerous monetization options to profit from your actions, events, and programs

Creation of a space which brings people together and fits in with your organization

Smart Community Experience

A turnkey solution to script and enhance your community’s experience in real time!


your members by creating opportunities through engaging events, activities and programs.


your members by using our advanced networking features.


collaborative learning and discovery through the numerous content distribution and sharing options.


your community with the help of our interaction tools and of our artificial intelligence technology.

Smart Community Platform Features

Fanslab plateforme virtuelle et hybride, communauté intelligente, Plateforme Fanslab Live Space


Create opportunities to round up your community around topics that interest them, and create value for your members.

Organize your virtual and hybrid events directly in the Smart Community Platform to improve the events’ performance as well as your members’ experience with them! Thanks to advanced features, you can even customize and adapt your members’ experience in real time. Our various event features will help you create a powerful experience with: content broadcasting with an option for interactions, workshops and roundtables, networking, interactive booths, partner introductions, and even more!

Organize regular activities with your members, such as monthly meetings. Seminars, workshops, networking activities, and training programs are all feasible within the Fanslab Smart Community Platform.

You can share your past, present and future activities (and content) at any time, thanks to the programming feature. With our artificial intelligence tool and the creation of segments, you’ll be able to offer different programming based on your members’ status, interests, or even their skills!

Fanslab Smart Community is an adaptive platform that doesn’t only respond to web usage, but to mobile usage as well. Therefore, your members will be able to stay connected at all times no matter where they are, whether it be virtually or in person!


Facilitate the connection between your community members, and allow them to build relationships, with the help of our advanced networking and sharing features.

With our private messaging feature between two members or a small group, your members will be able to have discussions through chatting or video conferencing, directly on the platform.

Help your members find and meet the people most relevant to them with the aid of our smart networking system. This will allow you to transform chance encounters into long-term relationships.

Our Smart Couches space works like a discussion marketplace, open to all platform users. Everyone has the ability to create a themed gathering or to participate in an existent meeting. It’s the perfect opportunity to share and enhance knowledge, within small groups, on a specific topic, or even to discover a new one!

Use this system to plan out virtual or in-person meetings between community members.


Your members are constantly looking out for resources to help them deepen their knowledge, and they wish to benefit from your, and other community members’, knowledge. Encourage collaborative learning and exploration by broadcasting your, as well as your partners’ and members’, content in a variety of spaces such as blogs, video channels, FAQs, pre-recorded training sessions, news, etc.

Promote your content by using the adapted sharing tool. You’ll be able to share everything on the same platform, whether it be live or pre-recorded content, and you’ll even have the option to rebroadcast your content if you wish to do so!

Make your training programs available no matter where your members are located. And depending on the location or the field of activity, launch online courses and offer a variety of spaces dedicated to idea sharing.

Publish news regarding your community’s topics, your activities, your partners, etc.

Promote your partners and sponsors by offering them spaces of visibility within your community, as well as unique opportunities to interact with your members.

Make sure that relevant conversations keep on bringing value to a growing number of people by using the Smart Forum’s upvote and thematic classification system.

Give your partners the chance to promote their products or services in a dedicated space. In just a few clicks, members will be able to find relevant organizations and access their presentation, and the activities they’ve organized, or to get in touch with them.


Use our interaction tools to encourage members’ involvement, and offer them personalized content with the help of our artificial intelligence system. By offering content that is both tailored and personalized, we help boost members’ participation and make them want to come back.

Personalized every member’s home page according to their interests, challenges, goals, skills or location.

Open up dialogue between your members by creating interactive tables where they’ll be able to gather during workshops, master classics, or networking sessions.

Encourage your members to participate in the life of your community with the help of suggested content and instantaneous feedback feeds for every activity, and use the live quiz feature to sound them out during your events.

To discuss an offer customized to your needs

Powerful tools for the platform administrator

A set of tools to generate maximum engagement and to monetize one’s community

Community Monetization

Numerous strategies to monetize your community, such as content partner promotion, booth detectors, exhibitors, sale of event or training tickets, sale of exclusive content, and value-added profile.

Subscriptions and Rewards

Motivate your audience in a competitive and fun environment. Create unique motivation to promote key behaviors, and reward interactions. Connect and build relationships with your top influencers.

Insight Community Dashboard

A dashboard to help facilitate the data collection and analysis of your community’s activities. Comprehensive analysis reports to understand and anticipate the needs of your community.

Technology Integrations

Several possible integrations to adapt to your business model (ticketing, CRMs, ERPs, transaction platform, etc.)

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