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Super-members, an added value for your brand

Super-members, members with high added value for your brand.

With the daily use of new information and communication technologies, organizations have had to revise their relationship with their members. It is now imperative to establish a two-way communication with its members. It is a matter of valuing interactions and generating maximum commitment on their part. To do this, it is important to know your members well and to identify your super-members. Super members should be placed at the heart of the marketing strategy of all organizations. Find out who your super-members are, their characteristics and their importance!

Who are they?

Within your community, you will always find super-members. These high value-added people are actually emotionally involved with your organization. In fact, they have a real emotional attachment. In this sense, they are individuals who actively participate in the life of the community.

Let’s take the example of a 30-year-old woman who loves the outdoors and who swears by the MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) brand. This is where she buys her outdoor equipment and clothing and she doesn’t fail to participate in all the events organized by MEC. On social media, she comments and shares publications. Her involvement even goes beyond the virtual sphere, as she tells her network of friends about it. Afterwards, her friends do not hesitate to relay the information to those around her. This word-of-mouth then takes on exponential proportions. Thus, she is definitely a super-member, because of her unshakeable attachment to the brand. She then becomes an ambassador for MEC, which then benefits from free promotion.

Why bet on super-members?

Super members are not just spokespeople for your organization. For example, some participate in the evolution of your offering through collaborative marketing and content co-creation. This allows you to adapt your offer and develop products directly related to the needs and expectations of your community. That’s why it’s important to develop a mutually enriching relationship with them, especially by knowing how to recognize them, reward them and offer them connected experiences.

To remember :
Super-members are individuals who have an emotional attachment to your organization;
They are true ambassadors for your organization;
It is important to nurture your relationship with your super members by rewarding them.

It is important to maintain your relationship with your super members by rewarding them. You can use new technologies to create a complete immersion in the world of your organization, where every contribution of your members will be rewarded.

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