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The Connected Experience to Increase Your Brand Value

The Connected Experience: the technology solution to increase the value of your brand to your community.

In the information age, we live in a ubiquitous society, where every consumer is solicited on all sides. It’s difficult to capture their attention and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Why not use ubiquity as a lever for commitment and loyalty to one’s community by using technology? Take a look at the connected experience, the new technology solution that immediately appeals to consumers.

Today, consumers are less and less interested in traditional advertising. They are looking for emotions, authenticity and want to establish a rewarding relationship with brands. Companies must therefore interact and establish a real dialogue with their customers. Here are the three basic ingredients to create a connected experience.

The 3 ingredients of the connected experience
#1. To arouse strong and multiple emotions

Consumers act and interact according to the emotion of the moment. In order to encourage interaction on their part, brands must therefore detect what they are feeling. But how can this be done?

In fact, did you know that 85% of the time spent browsing on a smartphone is spent using applications (TechCrunch, 2015)?

This explains the importance of focusing on the use of this type of multi-channel expressions.  Mobile applications enable the development of relational proximity and mutual identification with customers. It is thanks to this personalized and more intimate relationship that the brand will become an accomplice with each of its customers. It will also be able to better understand their purchasing behavior and social practices.

Thus, it is important to value the quality of the emotion that comes from consuming the content one has to offer. A brand that is able to offer content capable of eliciting strong and multiple emotions will be able to develop a strong Positive Emotional Presence (PEP) with its customers.

#2. Demonstrate authenticity

Consumers are now looking to connect with brands that present an image with which they can identify. They should no longer be seen as mere consumers, but rather as responsible citizens. They are looking for brands that have a positive impact on the environment or society.

According to research conducted by the Nielsen Global Corporate Group, 55% of buyers would prefer to pay more for a product or service from a brand that supports a societal mission. The brand then becomes a reflection of the company’s social responsibility.

This is why it becomes imperative to develop a dialogue with the customer using innovative communication channels. It will be easier to disseminate its values, vision and mission. Companies must then focus on “responsible communication”, offering an experience connected with their values.

#3. Generate tangible value for consumers

As an innovative brand, we must take advantage of the ubiquity phenomenon generated by ICTs. For example, by offering tools that will have a positive impact on consumers’ lives. It is a question of interfering in their daily lives and becoming an actor of change in their lifestyle habits. Associated with the brand, these technological tools will become an extension of your products and will strengthen the relationship with your consumers. The latter will be even more inclined to adopt your brand in a definitive way. In the long term, leveraging these technology tools to deliver a connected experience will ensure a better Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

You too choose this high value-added solution!

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