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Your all-in-one virtual event and hybrid event platform!

Do you want to create a real experience and bring your community to YOUR universe rather than rely on a static, one-time event? That’s why we created the Fanslab Live Space virtual — an all-in-one platform with features to discover, share, network and learn.

The platform isn’t only customizable when it comes to features, but also with visual elements, which enables you to create experiences that reflect your image. Regardless of your level of expertise, Fanslab Live Space also offers you great autonomy in regards to the organization of your events. And our Customer Success Advisors are never all that far in case you need a boost!

Discover all features that were designed for your event’s success!

Event management

Everything is customizable: thematic paths, personalized programming, and simultaneous content and activities!

Content broadcasting

Promote your exclusive content before, during, and after your events.

Interaction tools

Keep your community engaged with reaction feeds, quizzes, notifications, etc.

Interactive booths

Give centre stage to your partners with the help of interactive booths.

Networking and Smart couches

Give your attendees the chance to make new and relevant acquaintances, as well as take part in the right conversations.


To position your sponsors and partners, monetize your events thanks to numerous visibility opportunities.


Our APIs enable us to directly connect online ticketing to our virtual events platform.


Assess your event’s performance with the help of a dashboard where we collect data.

For what kind of events ?

Thanks to its innovative technology, Fanslab Live Space platform easily adapts to a wide range of virtual events.

For whom?

We can set up our virtual events platform to suit your reality and needs, and the complete solutions we offer are adapted to each of the following networks:

Professional Network
Business network
Academic network
Cultural network
Passion network

Curious to find out more?

To learn more about our virtual event platform or our smart community platform, make sure to fill out the form linked below. You’ll then be able to sign up for a demo, or book an appointment with one of our advisers to get personalized recommendations.

Fanslab Live Space platform in detail

virtual event and hybrid event platform fanslab

Create your own customized events made in your image

Create a universe that reflects who you are thanks to a variety of editable elements in the platform: logos, visuals, section titles, etc. Fanslab Live Space also enables you to organize event programs with exclusive and personalized thematic paths, and guarantees secure access through individual invitations.

Amplify your content, whether it be live or pre-recorded

Promote your content by using the appropriate broadcasting tool. Whether live or pre-recorded, you can share everything on the platform. If you wish to do so, you can even enable the rebroadcasting of your content!


Give your community a voice through spaces of interaction

Rethink the conversation surrounding your exclusive content through engaging features! Our various interaction tools will enable you to let your community express itself, as well as to create engagement and living events.

Celebrate your partners through an interactive path

Create a path through booths that will offer the most interactions: video chats, content and produce sharing, meetings, demos, or even small-group workshops. The booths can adapt themselves, not only to exhibitors in a forum, but also to artists in cultural events, and even to resources for an organization — they adapt to the needs of your event!


Help your attendees connect within a dynamic networking universe

Divans intelligents

Break through the limits of the virtual, and offer your participants an experience that enables them to achieve their own sharing and networking goals!

Thanks to our smart networking technology, attendees can see at a glance which profiles they share the most in common with (interests, goals, location, etc.). Private messaging, small-group thematic networking, and 1-on-1 video meetings, will complement this human experience.

To go even further, head over to the Smart Couches area, an actual marketplace for conversations created by attendees themselves — the perfect opportunity to enrich and share your knowledge on a subject or to discover a new one!

Monetize your events with profitable partner experiences

Since organizing events has a cost, the Fanslab Live Space platform enables you to make your event profitable by including sponsored content and activities. From the mere presence of a logo to the creation of dynamic workshops, through the broadcasting of sponsored content, there is a plethora of options available to you!

Easily manage your ticketing system

Through our proven APIs, embed ticketing systems such as Event’nroll, Point of sale, Yapla or Hubspot. This will enable you to efficiently manage your event’s registration.

Analyze the success of your event

An array of stats and data will be shared with you so you can take stock of your event and adjust your future events accordingly. These stats and data will not only dress a portrait of your contents’ performance, but also of the way your users act on the platform.

Interested in learning more about our virtual event platform or our smart community platform?
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