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Virtuality Bootcamp

Bootcamp Virtualité organisé par Fanslab
The Virtuality Bootcamp consists of a lineup of webinars regarding themes relevant to the event industry and to community management. Through panel-like sessions led by the Fanslab team, experts are encouraged to share their expertise, opinions, and experiences.

Virtuality Bootcamp’s Upcoming Edition

The past year was filled with learning experiences, not only for the event industry that had to adapt to virtual experiences, but also for all the communities and networks that had to reinvent themselves and develop new spaces so that their members could keep exchanging with each other. With the aim of sharing our views regarding the future of the event industry in “hybrid” mode, as well as the rise of virtual communities, we’ve gathered key players from the industry for four (4) free webinars on the topic!

Programmation des webinaires

August 31st, 2021, at 12PM
Comment bâtir des parcours expérientiels virtuels et présentiels à valeur mutuelle
How can we build virtual and in-person experiential tours at mutual value?

With: Elisabeth Michel (Yulism) & Geneviève Leclerc (Palais des Congrès)

During the pandemic, the event industry has had to shift toward digitization so that it could continue to offer value to various event communities.

With the return to in-present events that has already begun, what place will the virtual have within this “new reality”?

How will the value created in event experiences be optimized by hybridization?

Is there a way to remain profitable whilst organizing hybrid experiences?

What are some tips and tricks to generate and optimize income throughout various channels?

September 1st, 2021, at 12PM
De l’événement virtuel à la communauté intelligente: comment faire le saut vers une structure d’engagement en continu
From virtual events to smart communities: how to make the shift towards a continuous engagement structure

With: Rachelle Houde (Storytelling & Executive Producer | Brain Health Advocate), Alexandre Gravel (Toast Studio) & Patrick Labbé (Centrale Alternative)

How can we explain the gradual exodus of communities from social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn?

What monetization channels can be used by organizations that are putting together virtual communities? How can we evaluate the value perceived by community members to help establish price ranges that will maximise income?

What kind of value can be created for members of a virtual community?

What are some tips and tricks to engage community ambassadors in order to lessen some of the weight from the organizers’ shoulders, as well as to self-generate value for all members of the community?

September 2nd, 2021, at 12PM
Des expériences immersives créatives dans vos événements hybrides
Immersive creative experiences within your hybrid events

With : Simon Tremblay (Solotech), Louis-David Loyer (Multicolore) et Pascal Richer (Float4) 

What’s an immersive experience? What types of technologies can be used to create immersive experiences?

What is augmented reality? How has the augmented reality industry evolved through the past year and a half?

What’s the role of augmented reality within event experiences? In what types of events are we most likely to observe an increase of immersive experiences?

What kind of future is augmented reality heading towards? How will that kind of technology be made attainable?

September 3rd, 2021, at 12PM
La communauté virtuelle pour maximiser l’apprentissage collaboratif
Optimizing collaborative learning with virtual communities

With: Simon Painchaud (Effet A), Jeanne Dorelli (Zu) et Guylaine Demers (Women in Sports) 

How does the creation of learning communities help boost creativity, mutual help, and even retention of information?

How and why do organizations that offer educational content need to reinvent themselves to keep their members enthralled and engaged?

A sense of belonging to a group or an organization can be amplified by the creation of virtual communities. What are some tips and tricks that can help an organization sustain its members’ commitment?

How can virtual spaces generate more collaboration?

The Virtuality Bootcamp will take place within our virtual event platform. The webinars will be followed by networking and discussion periods.


Places are limited for each webinar. Sign up for the Virtuality Bootcamp right away!

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